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2017 Partner Impact Awards

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2017 Partner Impact Awards

Partners can submit nominations for the Business Solution Awards. These awards are given in these four sub-categories:

  • Drive Customer Insights
  • Innovators in Machine Learning
  • Improve Product and Services Efficiency
  • Modernize IT
  • Lower Business Risk

Awards nomination will require a Data Impact Awards submission. Partners can submit more than one nomination.

The Business Excellence Award recognizes partners at both global and regional levels who have had substantial growth in their customer base and/or revenue by driving customer impact and satisfaction with Cloudera. Partners are selected by Cloudera using internal metrics. Nominations from partners are not accepted for the Business Excellence Award.

  • Partner of the Year Award
  • Customer Centric Award
  • Market Development Award
  • Innovator Award
  • Invest to Win Award
  • Rising Star Award

Winners will be announced at the 2017 New York Partner Summit on Tuesday, September 26th.